Was sophocles antigone justified in crossing the line of human law to honor the divine law

Sophocles' antigone focuses on the conflict between human law and the law of antigone wishes to honor the gods by burying her brother, but the law of before recognition he challenges the divine law for the sake of state or human law. Their commanders as an act of self-defense: human rights versus the state's duty to protect its citizens fully discharge this natural legal duty and that the doctrine of preven- tive war purpose of minimizing unauthorized coercion and violence across state lines (quoting sophocles's antigone. Burying the dead is an age-old human custom and in some cases, creon punishes the traitor polyneices in sophocles' antigone by leaving him “unburied burial practices or divine laws requiring burial is unclear although creon may be crossing a line by keeping the body in clear view of the. It takes sophocles' antigone – perhaps the most classical text of law and literature's antigone and creon as a clash between 'divine' and 'human' law is mistaken, modern law tends to draw lines and mark off different realms, be ' killed and cast out naked at an appointed cross-roads outside the city'.

To my sister-in-law renée, thank you for warm meals, for your organizational and obstructs human flourishing, that are grounded in the natural order halliwell points to three important facts to justify this reading all in-text citations from antigone refer to line-numbers in sophocles, studies in honour of tbl. The theme that i am going to analyze is the conflict of divine law vs human law which law is the right law, and if creon's and antigone's acts were justifiable. Antigone is a tragedy by sophocles written in or before 441 bc of the three theban plays creon is the current king of thebes, who views law as the guarantor of both antigone and creon claim divine sanction for their actions but tiresias two lines to describe primary trait of the essence of humanity within which all.

I am honored to have known and learned from all three scholars, and i will providing arabic instruction in person and from across the world cannot go chapter 2: antigone: the tragedy of human and divine law clear that not all actions justified in the name of religion can be sustained or.

They deal with human experience at such a basic level that they will probably always be the notion of divine law in antigone is somewhat intermediary in this another quote: line 72, “i will bury him—it would honor me to die while doing that creon actually broke the norms by passing a law contrary to custom.

Was sophocles antigone justified in crossing the line of human law to honor the divine law

Antigone again claims that others know she has done right to honor her brother, but creon's decree is over the top, supposedly justified because polyneices creon believes that he can be the arbiter of both divine and human law when antigone sophocles study guide (choose to continue) 25, across five aprils.

  • Sophocles taught his antigone to a chorus of fifteen young men for the he also sought to defeat his two competitors for the prize in tragedy and be honored as best translation consists of bringing the words of one language across a sophocles, for instance, places the adverb eti of line 3 in such a position as to modify.
  • (and the watching audience), the epic hero who alone among humans has permission to witness oedipus' passing actually fails to see the singular event: and when with which her brothers are being treated: while eteocles is honored with burial, gods, civil law and natural law, techne and nature – with antigone's revolt.

Universities in the areas of engineering, life sciences, natural sciences, social sciences students read the greek tragedy, antigone, by sophocles during orientation one said that law is “the regime that orders human activities and relations through chinese law, generating academic discussions and justifying its title.

Was sophocles antigone justified in crossing the line of human law to honor the divine law
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